Daffodils Public School was founded by, Mr. Jitendra Kumar Yadav, with a passion and a mission called “Education for all”. Today, with pride and dedication, I carry his vision forward.
We encourage our students to carry their learning experiences beyond the walls of the classroom. This helps them develop into strong individuals both mentally and physically, which is the hallmark of effective schooling.

Why daffodils?

Respected Parents,

It is necessary to consider the following facts before enrolling your innocent children in any school.

  • Because children are the identities of daffodils.
  • Because better people are better able to choose a better school.
  • Because here is our obligation to pay attention to each child.
  • Because the solid foundations of your children are crafted here.
  • Because we are at the intellectual level of each child.

  • Because we teach on the basis of the intellectual and mental level. 

  • Because it is the final choice of the stray people.

  • Because we have a test of children’s talent and their precious time.

Jitendra Kumar Yadav