Daffodils Public School was founded by, Mr. Rajesh Yadav, with a passion and a mission called “Education for all”. Today, with pride and dedication, I carry his vision forward.
We encourage our students to carry their learning experiences beyond the walls of the classroom. This helps them develop into strong individuals both mentally and physically, which is the hallmark of effective schooling.

Our endeavor is to deliver quality and meaningful education. Toward this end, we –

  • recruit, develop and retain qualified and committed staff – who provide brilliant and succinct rays of light to enable the students dispel the darkness of ignorance and illuminate the paths they trod in their quest for knowledge.
  • invest in futuristic and student friendly learning infrastructure and environment – an infrastructure that does not compromise with the safety requirements of the students and an environment that includes adequate sanitary facilities for both boys and girls.
  • provide avenues and opportunities to students to explore, identify and imbibe interests and activities that aid their overall development. These have helped Daffodils to carve a niche for itself and to emerge as one of the leading schools in Sitapur Chhattisgarh
  • believe that a holistic learning environment will address a student’s intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.