In keeping with our Vision Statement, Daffodils has been following and continues to follow an admission policy that inducts students from every stratum of society. As mandated by the RTE Act, 25 % of the seats are reserved for children belonging to socially backward and/or economically weaker sections of society.

This is also in line with the Right to Education Act 2009 promulgated by our Central Government which makes it obligatory for the Government and hence the schools recognized by it to provide free and compulsory elementary education for each and every child between the ages 8 years and 14 years.

From its very inception, even before the promulgation of the Act, Daffodils has been conforming to the standards and norms relating to the Teacher-Pupil ratio, the number of classrooms, separate toilets for boys and girls, filtered drinking water, working hours of teachers. As mandated by the Act, teachers handpicked with appropriate and requisite qualifications are appointed.

Detention, corporal punishment, mental harassment and discrimination based on gender, class, caste or religion are taboo in Daffodils.